Change or add your email address on LinkedIn

Change or add email addresses on LinkedIn

When creating your LinkedIn profile you have entered an email address. This is your primary email address.
You Log in with this email address and you will receive all your LinkedIn alerts at this address.

Why do you change your email address or add your email addresses?

  • You want to be found on your current email address
  • You have a new job with associated new email address
  • You want to connect with colleagues and relationships which have an old e-mail address of you
  • You have a new email address
  • Your email address has changed
  • Just because it can ūüôā

If you have multiple email addresses or you want to change your email address then you will walk through the following steps.

  1. Click the icon at the top of the LinkedIn home page  Me/Me.

LinkedIn settings

  1. Select Settings and privacy In the Selection menu.
  2. Click below the section Basic data of the Tab Account, and click Change To E-mail addresses.
  3. Click on Add e-mail address and enter the new email address you'd like to add to your LinkedIn account.

E-mail address settings

  1. Click on Send Verification.
  2. Enter your LinkedIn password. You will then receive a confirmation on your new email address.
  3. Open the email and follow the instructions in the email to confirm your new address.
  4. If you wish, you can use your new email address as your primary email address. You return to the section E-mail addresses On your Page LinkedIn settings. Next to the email address you added, click Primary creation.
  5. From this moment on, your new email address is your primary email address. You log in now with this address. You will also receive all communication from LinkedIn at this email address.

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