Who are the followers of your company page?

The followers of your LinkedIn company page can not be seen directly. It is not possible to redirect your followers to people via the LinkedIn company page.

Via ' Manage page ' and Analytics you can see a number of statistics. Select ' Analytics ' and you'll see the following options:

  1. Visitors
  2. Updates

1. Visitors will see the number of visitors on your company page, either via desktop or mobile or tablet. You will also gain insight into the functions and target group where your visitors work and you will see the seniority, location, business group and company size of the visitors on the page.

The followers of your LinkedIn company page can not be seen or redirected to people.

There is a hack for it. Leave your details and we'll tell you how to see a part of the followers anyway.

2. For updates you will see what your visitors do with the content on your company page. How do they engage with your posts? These statistics are split into organic and sponsored messages. Per update You see the number of impressions, clicks, video views, click-through ratio, social actions like likes and shares and the degree of engagement.

3. The follower analysis shows you the number of followers for your company page and how you have attracted these followers. Are they going to follow your LinkedIn company page organically or is it a result of an advertising campaign.

In addition to the number of followers, you will see where your followers come from and how your page is performing compared to other business pages.

The statistics are to be exported per component to an Excel file for further analysis.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn't show you who the followers and visitors of your company page are. There is a hack that allows you to gain insight into who follows your company page. Want to know how this works?

Leave your data behind and we'll tell you what you can do to see Wei follow your company page.

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