Customer support via Whatsapp

Customer support via Whatsapp

More and more organizations explore the possibilities of business deployment of WhatsApp ®, especially for social CRM and customer service. Appcare is offered fully integrated within OBI4wan, but is also usable as a stand-alone tool. By coupling the number conversations by the entire team managed, based on specific access rights.

With the webcaretool of OBI4wan you use a powerful communications channel to accessible and personally to communicate with customers.

Social CRM via Whatsapp with OBI4wan
Webcare via WHATSAPP ® with OBI4wan

Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger WhatsApp ® and develop into a channel for business customer contact; as a service channel or marketing channel. More and more organizations discover the benefits of dialogue with customers via personal messaging. The personal nature and the low threshold are seen as great advantages of appcare.

History and context via (Social) CRM

Context is important within a conversation. The coupling of client accounts with the Social CRM feature you have a complete overview of the (previous) conversation via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and messaging platforms. In addition, OBI4wan offers advanced API links with virtually any CRM package, for example, for the exchange of detailed customer information.

Reporting webcare Whatsapp
Measure your Webcare KPIs

With the extensive reporting module of OBI4wan you measure all your key performance indicators for appcare. So you have in addition to insight into the number of messages, subject and sentiment also insight into the activity of the social CRM staff. In this way you determine the impact of messaging apps as a customer service channel and measure your easy via what channels the contact with customers.

Appcare and privacy

For servicing and webcare organisations are aware of the rules and rules on the use of business WhatsApp ®. For the processing of personal data you have to deal with the Data Protection Act (Wbp) and Hailing data leaks. You may only use WhatsApp ® as a service channel when the user you add to his contacts and if first contact (opt-in). It is also required to clearly state the purposes for which the call data is processed. Asking for sensitive personal data, such as an account number or SOCIAL SECURITY number, is not recommended. 

OBI4wan and Social Sales queries contact via WhatsApp not to personal data or data for login.

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