International online and social media monitoring

OBI4wan provides a user-friendly tool for online monitoring of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, Pinterest and millions of (inter) national online resources. OBI4wan gives you insight into online conversations and allows you in a fast and efficient way to report about this data.

You decide for yourself where you have reports with our easy drag-and-drop module. So you measure directly:

  • where conversations about and on what type of online media they take place
  • what the sentiment around certain topics is
  • who is participating in the conversations and what influence they have
  • What is the range of your campaign and which messages lead to commitment
New functionality in OBI4wan

Filter your searches using the relevant information from the total supply of data. By reportdo you know which conversations taking place about your organization or brand, and what the nature and the sentiment of these conversations. Within these reports make clear the following information:

  • The total volume of posts on market, brand or product level
  • A positive, neutral, or negative sentiment around the posts 
  • Source of the messages (social media, blogs, forums or news sites)
  • Which persons ambassadors or critics are
  • Authors location based on profile or geo-data

OBI4wan Reporting Top authors
Brand Ambassadors

The role of social networks and communities is increasing in the decision making process of consumers. Without going through the consumer brand an image about a brand based on the experiences of others. Within these social networks and communities are always influential people. OBI4wan offers, based on existing and proprietary scores, a list who these people are and in which communities they work, then interact.