Social Sales DNA

Social Sales DNA

The DNA of Social Sales

Look, listen and analyze.

Social Sales works from the DNA philosophy: Data, network and attention.

With the capabilities of data and connecting different forms of data and the appropriate use of the network we achieve optimal attention to relationships and customers. By the information at the right time in the proper context and in the right context to analyze his organizations to work more effectively and at the right time to be relevant for the prospect and customer.

Social Sales DNA
Social Sales DNA


What platforms do we collect data from? From Google Analytics, or for example Mailchimp. Do you use lead generation tooling or is your CRM the right source?

What data do we collect and what analysis do we get? What do the figures mean? How do we read the different data?


After the data analysis we determine which networks we use. How do we achieve more new business and what do we need?

Is the website in order? Do we know the visitors and our customers well enough? How many newsletter subscribers are there in the file?

Is there enough content and advertisements on Google and LinkedIn ads for example?

How do employees and colleagues move online? Can we use them and promote social ambassadorship?


Attention is given to what kind of contact you make with your customer and prospect. What information do you share and in what way?

How personally do you approach someone? Which touch points do you put in?