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How do you make sales social?

Traditional sales and cold calls are a thing of the past. Of all managers responding 90% no longer on cold calls and direct mail campaigns. Sales is social and especially personal. Through the greater connectedness online, creates the possibility of your contacts and the companies where you like to want to do business with, to build a complete profile. Social sales is based on the turn around of the process: stop ' prospecting ', word accessed. How can you make your sales social?

Social sales is a chance to better understand your relationships

Personal selling means listening, sharing and talking. On a personal level and with help of various online and social media tools. Additionally: when business purchases is more than half your prospects already half way through the purchase process if they are on social media engagen and their need to express indirect but also directly online.

In that process you get information, which you can use you to understand relationships and to communicate personally with them, resulting in qualitative growth in relationships and ultimately customers.

Knowledgeable buyers

There are no more unique products and buying parties are much better informed than they have ever been by all the information that is present. When you are on the right time via the right connection your relationship reached can your proposition is the best choice for your prospect.

Information comes to you

Online you can find information about who your contact is, where your contact person is talking about and what concerns him or her. What your prospects there parts will give you access to information about your prospect and the organization where he or she works for.

The various online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will give you insights where you had to work for long months earlier. The information about your prospects is within easy reach, all you have to do is collect, structure and save that information and actively participate in the online conversation.

Data, network and attention

With the capabilities of data and information and the right use of the network realize optimal attention to relationships and customers. With the information in the proper context and related to each other, are sales organizations to work more effectively and to be relevant for the customer at the right times. In your sales process do you use different software products, so you can put together a good profile and the right information about your potential customers.

The research for that profile your online presence, you bring the connections of contacts in card, you make an inventory of the DMU (decision making unit) and save your data in a CRM system (customer relation management), where the contact is central in place of the organization.


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