Identify prospects and sales leads

Salesfeed lead recognition

Which prospect is visiting your website? How do you recognize a lead?

You obviously analyze your website traffic via Google Analytics. And you can look at the domain names of your visitors via Audience-> Technology-> Network. This way you try to find out which companies are visiting your website. This information is sent to your new business sales team.

But what if you can get those company names in a clear overview with the link to possible LinkedIn contacts? and an overview of pages visited? What if your sales are trained in the good follow-up of leads and prospects?

Now suppose you can present those visitors a variation of your content next time? For example, a popup for subscribing to your newsletter? or a link to the page with an interesting white paper?

Recognize new sales leads on a website

Recognize prospects and Leads

The information that prospects, leads and customers leave on your website on a daily basis can be used to target them on a next visit. Social Sales and SalesFeed work together and provide you with clear information about companies on your website using different, valuable modules.

You will not only see which companies visit your website, but also how often they visit the website, in which pages they are interested and what behavior they exhibit.

In addition, you will receive information about the creditworthiness and see which contacts you are connected to via LinkedIn.

Based on the insights that SalesFeed provides, it is easier for you and your sales team to determine whether the recognized company is in line with your target groups and whether it is worthwhile to take an action to make this company and its contacts Follow. This is how you spend time for your relevant prospects.

Your market processing and new business activities will be more targeted. You approach interested prospects and leads and are better prepared for the negotiating table.

  • Do you also want to recognize leads and prospects on your website?
  • Do you want your sales team to deliver the right leads?
  • Do you want to know how to make prospects customers?

Collaboration Salesfeed and Social Sales

Social Sales and Salesfeed Work together to stimulate new business. Through our collaboration we help sales teams to focus on the right leads and prospects with the help of new online techniques.

Salesfeed provides the technique, Social Sales provides the knowledge. After the code is implemented on your website, the data is collected. During a workshop of Social Sales The method of data analysis, interpretation and prospecting is explained and trained.

We Teach your sales team to reach the right contacts and approach them with the right message. We are working on the basis of the DNA Methodology and work with your sales team in Five steps to a deal.

Identify prospects and leads?

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