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OBI4wan: Social Media monitoring and Webcare

OBI4wan provides a user-friendly tool for online monitoring of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, Pinterest and millions of (inter) national online resources. OBI4wan gives you insight into online conversations and allows you in a fast and efficient way to report about this data.

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SalesFeed is low-threshold web-based lead-generation & conversion optimization software for B2B companies, which makes it possible to recognize companies that visit the website. It also offers the ability to display automated targeted content to the right target audience.

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SalesMoose is an expert in making sales organizations better and has customers at home and abroad. We have access to advanced tools and methods to evaluate, transform and develop sales organizations.

Depending on the specific challenges in your sales organization, we develop a program based on: coaching, videos, workbooks, workshops and trainings. In such a way that this also produces very good results in the long term.

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Engage Dialog

Engage Dialog helps organizations improve collaboration by using the latest technology and software. This results in more transparent communication between employees, departments, customers and partners. Everyone has access to the knowledge he/she needs to perform the work better.

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KLANTINFOCUS helps organisations to continuously improve the quality of their services. With GovMetric Customer Satisfaction Monitor we measure and report customer satisfaction, patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction. This insight into satisfaction gives organisations the opportunity to improve their services immediately.

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Customs Support

Customs Support Group: the neutral and dynamic customs partner for companies in North-West Europe, a fast growing company that provides a smart, fast and efficient solution. Every day, almost 200 customs specialists are available in one of the international offices, and the experienced and skilled specialists are the strength behind Customs Support Group. Neutral, efficient and solution-oriented are the most important pillars. Thanks to its drive and innovative culture, the team continues to develop continuously.

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HowAboutYou: Social media and government

HowAboutYou helps municipalities and other authorities to deploy social networks. Over eighty governments including municipalities, security regions, GGD's and GHOR's, water boards, provinces, police units and implementing organisations use our solutions for social media monitoring, webcare, reputation management and crisis communication.HowAboutYou has a good team of specialists with ample experience in the field of online monitoring, webcare and online analysis.

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