Discover leads, prospects and recognize customers

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Who is visiting your website? What are people reading on the various pages? Which videos are watched and what blogs are read?

Recognize leads, customers and prospects

The information that customers and prospects leave on your website, the pages they visit, the movies that are being watched, all these pieces of information can be used to engage on the right time with your customer and prospect.

With the software of Salesfeed we offer you clear information about which companies visit your website and what are the activities on your website. We provide you with valuable and interesting insights.

What content is relevant to your visitors?
Which customer or prospect are looking for information?
How does a prospect look at your offer?
Via which campaign is someone visiting your website?

You may find that some customers are looking for information that will help you get them back. Or show the insights and reports with which prospect you can talk and which quotation you can leave. It's about how relevant are you and where you focus .

With the connection to LinkedIn for instance, you can easily find the right contact for the visiting company. If you are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you may use this tool to make the first contact via inmail.

Know what's happening on your website, which content is popular and where to take action!

We have the knowledge and experience

To provide your sales team with leads and prospects so that they can enter the conversation with the right tone-of-voice and substantive knowledge.

The Benefits!

  • More insights into visitors behaviour
  • Identify prospects
  • Recognize customers
  • Targeted and more efficient prospecting
  • Increase your ROI from Google Adwords
  • Find the right contact via LinkedIn
  • Realize a lead with the correct information!

We guide you from the implementation, use and follow-up. With the experience of Social Sales in new business and prospecting, we promise you that together we will make it a success. You start 2020 with a filled prospect list and new opportunities in your funnel!

Our offer:

  • Three months unlimited use of Salesfeed
  • Implementation + training, the proces of lead recognition starts immediatelly
  • Lead, prospect, and customer qualification
  • Campaign recognition of Google Adwords campaigns
  • User Training for your Sales Team
  • Guidance and advice
  • Total offering value €975
  • Social sales offer: Only €795 ex btw.

Start right?

We look forward to work with you and your sales team to kick off 2019 successfully, with a clear prospect list and opportunities in your funnel!