OBI4wan: social media monitoring, social CRM and data analysis

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OBI4wan provides a user-friendly tool for online and offline media monitoring, social CRM, data analysis, social analytics and content publishing.

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With OBI4wan you will have access to public posts of more than 550,000 sources, social media platforms and websites. OBI4wan offers a complete and accurate overview including dialogues for real-time social CRM and trends for targeted monitoring of organizations, brands, topics or areas of interest.

The complete solution from OBI4wan gives you access to powerful solutions for all your social activities, including:
* Multi-user Webcare, which allows you to respond directly from the solution to customer questions and comments, but also to conduct crisis management;
* Easy preparation of reports for full insight into the performance of your brand on social media, your webcareteam, top influencers and ambassadors and on topic.
* Social analytics of all your linked social media accounts;
* Publish, schedule and measure the impact of messages for your social media accounts with the extended Publishing tool and content calendar.

Since 2009 collects OBI4wan relevant, public messages from well known social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, instagram and, for example, Pinteresst and millions of (inter) national blogs, websites, forums and news sources.
OBI4wan complements this with innovative solutions for radio, TV and offline print media.

With over 500 customers Social Sales has extensive knowledge and experience to support you at an optimal use of social media monitoring, data analysis and online customer contact. We are there for you to apply to OBI4wan within your company and to your online work into a success.