Who are your LinkedIn followers?

LinkedIn followers

See who you are following and who you are following on LinkedIn: Discover your LinkedIn followers!

On the LinkedIn network site you can also connect with someone to follow that person. LinkedIn offers this feature by default.

To follow someone click on the person's profile at >.

With this option you do not link with the person but you can see his or her public activities in your own timeline. It's easier and easier to follow someone, you don't have to send an invitation with a personal message. The only downside is that if you have a basic LinkedIn account, you can't send this person a ' one-to-one ' message via LinkedIn messaging.

You can use Followers Also see who you follow and of course who you follow yourself. As shown in the image below, you can see how many people you follow and how much you think you have. The number of followers is a sum of your contacts that follow you and the people who follow you without being linked to you.

The overview is ranked by most recent. Whoever is the last to follow you or last with your connection is at the top. You will be notified of this. If there is a person in kwesite ' following ', this means that you are already following or connected to that person. If there is ' + follow ' you will be able to follow this person. You do not follow this person, page or brand yet.

You can be connected to someone without having to follow that person. This often explains the difference between the number of accounts followed and the number of connections.

Followers LinkedIn Business Page 

The followers of your LinkedIn company page can not be seen or redirected to people. You can see a number of statistics via ' manage Page '. Then select ' Analytics ' and you'll see the following options:

  1. Visitors
  2. Updates

Visitors will see the number of visitors on your company page, either via desktop or mobile or tablet. You also get insight into the functions and target group where your visitors work and you see the live visitors on the page.

The followers of your LinkedIn company page can not be seen or redirected to people.

For updates, you'll see what your visitors do with the content on your company page. How do they engage with your posts? These statistics are split into organic and sponsored messages. Per update You see the number of impressions, clicks, video views, click-through ratio, social actions like likes and shares and the degree of engagement.

Follower analysis shows you the number of followers for your company page and how you have attracted these followers. Are they going to follow your LinkedIn company page organically or is it a result of an advertising campaign.

In addition to the number of followers, you will see where your followers come from and how your page is performing compared to other business pages.

These statistics are to be exported per component to an Excel file for further analysis.

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