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LinkedIn is an important platform for sales. With the capabilities of Linkedin, sales easily reach relationships, colleagues and potential relationships. Social Sales has experience in training and training of sales and account managers to make the most of Linkedin's potential.

The following topics are discussed during a Social Sales training:

  • According to LinkedIn, how does it work?
  • First analysis of your profile
  • What is a good profile?
  • How do you explain contact?
  • What share your?
  • How do you work together with your colleagues and your network?
  • Important LindedIn parts:
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Lead builder
    • Pulse
    • Profile views
    • InMails and invitations
  • Engagement
  • LinkedIn: touchpoints of contact time to appointment
  • Linkedin Groups.

Social Sales Approach

Social Sales has a training method developed in which theory and practice are combined in inspirational sessions. Each session consists of a part and then the theory into practice.

Social Sales DNA-UK
Social Sales DNA – UK

The approach of Social Sales knows as starting point three elements: Data, network and attention. With the right forms and amount of data, the network can be deployed and activated to give proper attention to prospects and relationships. These elements are the DNA of Social Sales.

During the training sessions we deepen the five steps of Social Sales and translate this into practice.

We also zoom in on tools and apps that are useful for gathering, structuring, contacting and sharing information in a proper way.

Parts that are treated are:

  • The Five steps of social sales;
  • LinkedIn: the optimal profile;
  • Working with Linkedin (and possibly Sales Navigator);
  • Finding and qualifying leads;
  • DMU and Social account planning;
  • General guidelines on how to get in touch;
  • How to find content;
  • What is content and what makes it relevant;
  • Additional tooling.

If you want to know more about our training courses, please see a few examples Slideshare. Op Google Read your experiences With our training method.

Do you want to be trained and get everything from LinkedIn? Let us make an appointment. You can use this Book directly in the calendar. You can also contact us by phone + 31 6 29 437 111.

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