5 april 2017

LinkedIn introduces: Lead Gen Forms

Linkedin Lead Gen Forms Video

When was the last time you filled out a form with pleasure?

Collect quality leads is a continuous process for companies. However, it remains difficult to the visitor of your website and social media channels to entice a form to fill out. When was the last time you filled out a form with pleasure?

Lead Gen Forms Gif

LinkedIn today Linkedin Lead Gen Forms introduced: the solution for the business market to collect qualified leads via sponsored campaigns. With Lead Gen Forms puts the emphasis on the mobile user what Linkedin is interested in your services and his or her data wants to leave behind.

The easy way to create business to collect leads

With almost 500 million professionals, influencers and business decision-makers is Linkedin's biggest business platform. When you get an ad campaign combines with Lead Gen Forms your prospects the ability to one-touch their information to your organization. This information will be automatically filled in from the user's profile. After filling out the form you can send to the user a thank you page on your website.

The information you receive may contain the following:
* Contact Details
* Company Name
* Seniority
* Function
* Location
* And even more

Because this data is from the Linkedin profile of the prospect is usually the data more accurate and more fully than the traditionally completed website forms.

Lead Gen forms are an important milestone in the ongoing efforts to help marketers to improve their ROI and further optimize campaigns to good results.

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