LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit

If you use LinkedIn with a free LinkedIn account, you may be able to reach the limits of free use of LinkedIn. You can still search, only you will see less results.

According to LinkedIn, your activity on LinkedIn indicates that you use LinkedIn as a commercially used platform. In other words, according to LinkedIn, you make too much use of the possibilities and you need to close a paid subscription. With a paid subscription, you can benefit from broader limits on the number of searches, profile visits and the possibility to send in emails to strangers.

LinkedIn calculates the limits based on your search activity, every calendar month.

What counts for your LinkedIn limit:

  • Search on and on mobile to profiles
  • Visits and browsing of LinkedIn profiles via the "People also accessed" option

The following activities do not count for your limit:

  • Search for profiles by name Viahet search box at the top of each page on
  • Browse your 1st line contacts via the Network page
  • Search for jobs on the jobs page.

When you approach the limit you get a warning.

Warning Commercial Limit

Your free monthly use is reset at midnight on the 1st of each calendar month.

LinkedIn can't give you an insight into the exact number of searches or views that you have left. Also, LinkedIn will not cancel your limit on request. You may not get a warning and cannot perform any searches yet. This typically happens when you frequently and quickly create and browse searches.

How do you fix it?

On the one hand, you loose it by taking a paid subscription to Linkedin.

Do you want to know what LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator means to you? Please contact me And I'll show you the possibilities.

In addition to the fact that this restriction no longer occurs (or you have to look up and visit thousands of profiles in bulk), you gain access to more possibilities, such as:

  • Inmails: Credits to send messages to people outside your network
  • More Search features and options
  • A timeline that will focus on your leads with Sales Navigator
  • Save additional searches

LinkedIn restricts the use of the free version of LinkedIn and offers you to upgrade. You can choose from a few subscription forms:

Note: Career and Premium Essential subscriptions have the same limit as free subscriptions.

On the other hand you can try the following:

  • Make sure you're making more specific searches where you get less but more relevant results
    • Choose to show only 2nd line contacts in your search result
    • Specify country, region, or city in your search
    • Search by company name and job title

  • Expand your network and connect with people from your second network. Browse your primary contacts and invite people from your 2nd line network to connect
  • Share interesting content and respond to messages from others so people in and outside your network will see you and find you
  • Accept that you have reached the limit. Grab your mobile and access your prospects by phone. Chances are that you can also make interesting calls through this channel

I would like to help you. Also, if you have more questions about the LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit. Please contact me And I'll help you out.