6 September 2019

How to write a long post on LinkedIn?

In addition to maintaining your contacts, you can also share your thoughts on LinkedIn. This can be in a status update, but also in a formatted blog article. You can easily write such a long post article on LinkedIn itself.

The advantages of a blog post are:

  • You can share your knowledge and information and profile yourself as a skilled person.
  • Your articles can be easily viewed by 2nd and 3rd line contacts
  • Your last article will always be prominently displayed on your profile
  • Your article will also be indexed by search engines
  • And you have more formatting options.

You start writing your blog by going to ' on the homepage.write an article" go.

LinkedIn opens a new screen in which you can place your text, including layout.

First, choose a good header image. This can be between 700 and 400 pixels. The advantage of this image is that your article is more attractive to read.

After the image you write a good title. This is the title with which your article is also shared on LinkedIn.

After these two steps you can write your article. You have a number of formatting options.

Under the publish menu you can choose your trots, your articles that are not yet ready to publish. You can see all your published articles. You can also share a draft article with a colleague.

This colleague or co-author can provide you with feedback so that your article becomes even better.

Your last article will always be prominently displayed on your profile.

In your text you have the following options to make your article even more attractive.

  • Images: choose an image from your computer and place it in your text.
  • Video: Add videos to your text. These can be viewed directly in your blog
  • Presentations: add a link to a presentation on Slideshare or Prezi for more information.
  • Left: Add links to other websites
  • Snippets: add external code to load a form, for example.

LinkedIn automatically saves every change. When you are satisfied with your article, you can publish it and share it with your network. LinkedIn will ask you if you want to add any more text and will then share this message with your network.

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