Does your sales team have enough leads?

Do you want to reach potential customers, but isn't cold acquisition your thing? Don't you want to be busy with cold calling all day? You shouldn't be doing that anyway.

It is not easy to find the right prospect and potential customers in this day and age. Fortunately, there are ways to find the right leads!

The Social Sales approach: guaranteed success!

Sales is in our DNA! With our approach and guidance with our knowledge, sales gets the pleasure of doing business and acquiring again! We make it possible to reach the right prospect by generating warm leads. Social Sales draws up a strategy adapted to your company, your team, especially for your situation. We guide you in the implementation of the strategy and deliver warm leads to your sales team.

Doing what you do best with a focus on new business

Social Sales has years of experience in lead generation and sales. Our method provides you with knowledge, energy and new leads! We have not developed a complicated platform, but a method to realize a constant flow of new prospects in a sustainable way. This will save you (and your sales) time and the funnel will grow with potential customers. Our method consists of the following steps:

  • Setting new business strategy definition and goals
  • Find Prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Support for advertising via LinkedIn
  • Writing blogs and articles¬†
  • LinkedIn activities through personalized follow-up messages
  • Analysis and monitoring via interactive dashboards and lead recognition via SalesFeed
  • Transferring hot leads to sales
  • Training and coaching of sales for follow-up
  • Follow-up monitoring and reporting

We approach the prospect who best suits your company or service. We start the conversation, we inform, coach and entertain. We monitor all online activities, on LinkedIn and on your website. With this data we adjust campaigns and communication. Ultimately, this leads to a list of leads that we deliver via a warm transfer. You do what you do best: selling. We help you get to the table!

Fast and effective

Personalized and knowledgeable

For a constant stream of leads

Social Selling as Sales

Social Sales: Together we make sure your sales get the right boost!

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