Inspiration for conversations and conversations on LinkedIn

Working daily with your network on LinkedIn is the first start to make the most of your valuable connections and their knowledge of business. To help you use your network, we'll give you the following tips.

Selling is not the goal; A deal is the result of a series of conversations and actions over time. The main goal is to make contact and start sincere conversations. By making a new contact every day, after the first month 30 new people know about you and your work. Should one of these people become interested in your work or your product or service, you can create 12 new opportunities within a year. One Geïnteresserde every month. That would be a nice result.

To start the conversation, we would like to ask you to view the profiles of people who already showed interest in your personal profile. Start by selecting two contacts that are not yet connected to you and invite them to link. After the acceptance you send them a personal thank you for the addition to the network and start such a conversation.

1. For a good result you can follow these steps:

2. Visit "Who viewed your profile/Wie views"and select second contacts

Who View your profile

3. Visit the profiles by clicking on the name or photo

4. Click Connect or select more/More

5. Send a personal invitation

6. Check your text

7. Click Send

8. And now you wait for a response.

Conversation Starters are:

  • What you find interesting on the profile of the other state
  • Have they recently shared something you want to know more about?
  • Are they switched from orbit?
  • What common contacts do you know?
  • Has the organization just been in the news?

When you send in emails or messages via LinkedIn, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Keep it short
  • Make it personal
  • Make clear why you are sending a message
  • Sell Nothing
  • Make sure you have a clear title
  • Do not use exclamation marks or smileys.

An explanation:

A good subject line determines beforehand if your inmail/message is being read. Include some personal information, such as connecting to a contact person, a referral by someone or a common interest.


Imagine the question "why you?" Can you answer them by mentioning something relevant in the text of your message?

Mention a specific event or article to show that you know their business and have insights that are worthy of being heard. If you really want to make extra efforts, scan through an annual report or blog section on the website for interesting information to determine what their business priorities are. Share this in your posts and you'll really stand out from the people who use standard messages.


Here you can share insight with your contact, which makes them critically reflect on their problems. Share a link to a case study, a third party report, a blog post or an article that is relevant to their specific situation and will help shape their buying process. Personally, I find the use of links to own white papers or success stories on the first post personally not pleasant, because it can be experienced as exaggerated sales and even as spam.

Call to Action:

Please close your inmail with instructions for the next steps. It can be a question about their company, or you can ask for a meeting or meeting. Everything that helps to keep the conversation going.

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