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We help you to be successful in social business.


With the capabilities of data and connecting different forms of data and the appropriate use of the network we achieve optimal attention to relationships and customers.


With the right use of your network you can reach prospects and new relationships faster. Social Sales has developed the DNA method, rolled it out and successfully tested it.

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The business model of Social Sales works for you. With the right attention to your relationships, the deployment of your network and the use of tools, we ensure that your prospect is attentive to you.

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Social Sales

Let your network work for you

What can we do for you?

Social Sales Provides strategic advice on new business & Lead generation and online marketing to sales, sales management and management. Together we realize satisfied customers and ambassadors.

We help sellers and account managers and management to get more business out of online and social media with the goal of achieving qualified leads without a cold acquisition at prospects.

We do this with training, on-the-job guidance and the deployment of tools. We work with OBI4wan, Salesflare, LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, SalesFeed and Databox.

What can we do for you?

We work online and digitally

We work from Rotterdam, centrally located in the Netherlands.

We preferably meet our customers and relationships offline. For this we drive, environmentally friendly, to addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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